Small cultural touches to add to your home

Celebrating your culture and heritage can be done in many ways. If you’re the kind of person who likes to show off how proud they are of their culture, and you have no idea how to do it when it comes to decorating your home, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to present you with some suggestions on how to honor your heritage with some small touches. These are both indoor and outdoor pieces that you can incorporate into your home. Read along and get ready to honor your culture every day while letting everyone else know how proud you are of it. For some more design tips, you can check out Architectural Digest, as they have everything you need.

Wall Decor

The first suggestion we have for you is a simple touch that can bring some life into your home while showing off your heritage. Going for wall decor gives you many possibilities. You can have traditional pictures, some printed patterns that are related to your culture, or even paintings. Go as abstract or as realistic as you want to for this. You decide if you want it to be very visible and attention-grabbing, or if you want to add some subtle cultural insights. Either way, this will add some color to your walls and will go well with any other pictures or paintings you want to display. Make sure you choose a visible spot in the house for this wall art so that people can enjoy it when they come over.

Outside decorations

If you want people to know you’re celebrating your culture before they even enter your house, you can surely do that. Adding some outdoor decorations will make your house seem more inviting while showing your originality straight away. You can go for specific flowers, as some cultures have flower symbols. Go for a cultural door knocker as these  Irish food knockers from  if you want a more direct and elegant approach. Or you can simply add traditional patterns and items to your front porch or garden. Decorating your mailbox can also have a cultural side to it, so have fun with that as well.

Subtle touches

If you want your house to be full of traditional items, but you still want to feel like your culture is present in your home decor, this last option is what you need. Find some small decor pieces that are related to your culture, these can be candles, vases, blankets, or even kitchen items. Make sure that their patterns are not that bold, but still relevant to the culture. You can also find combinations of modern items and traditional patterns as they are very popular right now and they have the essence you’re looking for while also being subtle. Add these small touches to your house and you’ll be the only one that knows their true meaning. This approach is a more personal way of celebrating your heritage.