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How To Maintain An Unoccupied Property

Whether it’s your main residence or a holiday home, there are times when you will have to leave your home empty. Perhaps you’re taking a long holiday or you’re planning

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Avoiding costly pallet racking errors

The whole point of pallet racking is to save space, and therefore warehouse costs, by maximizing the amount that can be stored in a given building. But get it wrong,

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Debunking the myths surrounding park home ownership

Have you been thinking about moving into a park home since retirement? You may have heard that it is increasingly economical, simpler to oversee and more pleasant to live in…

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The Differences Between Spiral and Rectangular Ductwork

Ducting is used in many buildings as part of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to both deliver and remove air. But all ducts are not the same – in

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Basement  flooring solutions for you

The main problem when renovating a basement is usually water. Refitting a basement as the result of water damage can cost thousands; therefore, it is best to plan ahead when

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4 more common radiator problems to know about

Summer has sprung and is in full swing, so you might think it’s time to ignore your heating system for a few months while the weather gets warmer. However, now

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