Basement  flooring solutions for you

The main problem when renovating a basement is usually water. Refitting a basement as the result of water damage can cost thousands; therefore, it is best to plan ahead when thinking about which basement flooring solution to use.  It may cost a lot of money but the benefits are huge and it will definitely make a difference when it comes to selling your property.  There are not a lot of houses that can say they have an established useable space in their basement.  You will want to get a Conveyancing Solicitor London company involved though to make sure everything is done correctly through links such as

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Concrete and ceramic tiles

The most water-resistant flooring is sealed concrete or ceramic tiles; however, these are very expensive options. Whilst durable, they are also costly to replace if the tiles chip or the concrete gets damaged.


Hardwood is a beautiful-looking option; however, it is not really suitable for basement conversions when dampness is an issue. Flooding will destroy wood flooring and humidity can warp the wood, causing splitting.


Laminate is more resistant to water than a hardwood option but is still not suited to basement conversion. The bottom layer quickly degrades when it comes into contact with water, ruining the floor.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood is a better option than laminate due to its plywood layer; however, this quickly degrades when subjected to long-term water contact. If flooding is a concern, engineered wood will not be a good option for your basement.


A lino floor is an excellent solution for a basement conversion, especially when finished with an acrylic sealer. It is water resistant and needs minimal maintenance. Lino is somewhat less fashionable in homes today; however, it is still an economical option, particularly if you choose sheet lino to avoid seams in the floor.

Carpet tiles

Carpet is probably not your first thought when combating water damage; however, there are definite advantages to using carpet tiles. They are easy to fit and lift and can be easily re-laid once dried and aired out. Tiles are also a very cost-effective solution and, with a wide range of styles available, can fit into any design scheme.


Vinyl is an excellent flooring solution for basements. It is more water-resistant than a lino floor, comes in sheets or tiles, and is a cost-effective option. The range of styles has improved dramatically in recent years, giving a wide choice when it comes to home design; however, it is best to seal the seams to protect against water seepage, which can increase the cost of this type of flooring.