Vests: a rising trend

With all the social media platforms playing an important role in how fashion trends are spread, it gets hard to keep up. Everywhere you look you find some inspiration or a new idea. This is why we thought we should tackle a trend that has recently become popular: vests. Whether you’re thinking of a man’s or woman’s outfit, casual, or dressed up, vests are a rising trend. In this article, we decided to take a look at some different types of vests and how you can style them. Don’t worry, no matter your style, you’ll find something for you in this article. And if you need even more inspiration, make sure you check out Vogue.

Sweater vests

The most popular in this vests trend is the sweater vests. Whether you’re thinking about oversized ones or tiny crop tops, these sweater vests have been everywhere in the past few months. But they fall into two categories: vintage patterned and boldly colored.


The vintage vests are the ones with grandpa patterns, dark colors, and usually an oversized look. These ones are perfect for wearing on top of a white T-shirt, with some loose trousers and plain white sneakers. They are popular among men, but some women wear them in combination with short pleated skirts. They’re perfect for the spring and autumn season and they can easily be the statement piece of any outfit.


The other type of sweater vest is the one you find in almost every fast fashion store. Usually cropped, with some floral or heart pattern, and in very bold colors. These vests are perfect for a bold layered outfit. The best thing is that you can play around with the colors to get some fun-looking outfits. They work over shirts, t-shirts, or on their own and they can be worn with any bottom piece.

Suit vests

The other style of vests is something a little less popular, that is just now getting some attention. Suit vests have been around for many years, usually worn in a full suit by men, and on top of a shirt and skirt by women. These vests are being reinterpreted now, being worn by women in very stylish and fun outfits. Usually, you take a suit vest, wear it on its own and add a skirt or a pair of loose pants to it. Some sneakers and colorful necklaces and you got yourself a modern outfit. You can find Irish vests , plain black vests, or any type of material that you want and play around with patterns and textures in your look to give it an original touch. And for men, you can do the same thing, just make sure that you get a slightly oversized vest so that it looks good on its own.