5 Foolproof Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Even when we’re all staying home and following the right protocol to stop the spread of COVID-19, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and other factors can still contribute to us getting sick. Thankfully, the common cold and congestion aren’t as serious nor as difficult to treat as COVID-19, so with these five remedies, you’ll be on your feet and breathing easily in no time.

  1. Use a humidifier

Breathing moist air can resolve the main causes of congestion: inflamed blood vessels and thick mucus. You can also make the experience more soothing by adding a drop of eucalyptus oil or lavender oil to your humidifier. These two oils are shown to be effective in clearing sinuses and helping people fall asleep, which can be hard to do when you’re all clogged up.

  1. Drink lots of fluids

Staying hydrated helps thin out the mucus blocking your sinuses. Any fluid will do, but if your congestion is coupled with a sore throat, hot tea will help ease the irritation. A heated mix of lemon juice, ginger, and honey can also go a long way in soothing congestion and other symptoms of the common cold.

  1. Take a long, steamy shower

The steam from a hot shower functions the same way as a humidifier, thinning out your mucus and helping you breathe better. Steam showers also offer various benefits from better hygiene to relieving various maladies like joint and muscle pain. If you’re prone to congestion and want a more elevated shower experience, JT Spas has a fine selection of steam showers at reasonable prices.

  1. Use a nasal spray

A nasal spray is a cheaper alternative to humidifiers and steam showers, allowing you to introduce moisture directly into your nostrils. Most nasal sprays are a mixture of saline solution and decongestant medication, which clears the mucus blocking your sinuses. Follow the instructions for proper use to avoid unfortunate side effects.

  1. Get some rest

Rest is essential to help your body build up the necessary immune response to your illness. If you continue working throughout your sickness, you’ll not only take longer to get better, but you might even worsen your condition. Take a few days off from work and take advantage of delivery services so you don’t have to go outside. Most establishments will turn you away anyway if they see that you’re visibly sick, so it’s better to just stay inside and rest until you get better. Over-the-counter medication for the common cold also has ingredients that cause drowsiness, so they’re perfect for hastening your recovery.

Congestion is not supposed to last for more than a few days, so if the symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. Consult with them early on to avoid mixing over-the-counter medications and home remedies that might interfere with each other. Your doctor can also prescribe you better medication in case your condition hasn’t improved after the usual treatments. Continue hygienic practices like washing your hands, changing the bedding often, and quickly throwing out used tissues to avoid spreading the sickness to other people in the household.