Keyhole Heart Surgery Benefits Over Conventional Heart Surgery   

Do you know what keyhole surgery is? It is a less invasive heart surgery that leads to dramatic improvements and provides cosmetic benefits to the patients.  In a keyhole heart surgery, the wound is tiny and so there is less tissue damage. Since no bone is broken in the process, the patient enjoys a much faster recovery. On the flip side, conventional surgery is a more invasive heart surgery that leads to tissue damage for the surgeon to make way through the patient’s breastbone. It is an open heart surgery that uses a heart-lung machine or a cardiopulmonary bypass. The surgeon administers general anesthesia in order to cut through the person’s breastbone. Both of them can treat mitral valve stenosis but the procedures are different. In this section, we will check why keyhole surgery is much better than conventional heart surgery.

Not much scarring during the process of keyhole heart surgery

The incision, the scarring, and damage to the surrounding tissues are very small when compared to conventional heart surgery. There isn’t a need to break the chest bone to make way to the heart. So, mitral valve stenosis surgery becomes less invasive and less painful.  As the incision is very small, no one can make out that the person underwent heart surgery. So, there is no need to be conscious of the scar. You can easily flaunt a swimsuit near the beachside. At times, no incision is made by the surgeon, and the procedure is carried out through a catheter.

Not much recovery time is needed

With keyhole heart surgery, there is almost no recovery time. The person can return to work as soon as the procedure completes. As the breastbone is not cut by the surgeon, you don’t have to wait for the skin to heal. Within a week’s time, you may start enjoying the activities you love. On the other hand, conventional heart surgery requires at least 3-4 months of recovery time.

Less pain and discomfort

You may treat mitral valve stenosis without fearing the pain. The keyhole surgical procedure is less painful as the breastbone stays intact. During the recovery period, you won’t feel much discomfort. When a large incision is made to cut through the breastbone and reach out to the heart, more discomfort is felt by the patient. Open heart surgery is very painful much unlike keyhole heart surgery. The pain one experiences after keyhole surgery are tolerable. The pain can be addressed with over-the-counter drugs.

How is the procedure done?

Keyhole heart surgery is a modern technique that uses the most sophisticated technology and up-to-date equipment. With the help of small equipment, the surgeon carries out the procedure.

So, it is now clear why keyhole surgery is better than conventional open-heart surgery.