3 accessories that you need to add to your wardrobe this year

The saying the devil’s in the details could never be truer when it comes to accessories. At the first glance, these small elements of your outfit can be seen as insignificant but it is actually them that can complete your ensemble and elevate any look you put together. This year, there are a few statement pieces that are expected to play a major role in the fashion world, so let’s dive in and see how you can wear them.

Square toe shoes

What makes square-toe shoes so great is that they are considerably more comfortable and easy to wear than other shoes, as they don’t squeeze your feet into an unnatural shape. For summer, you won’t find any better shoes than square-toe sandals; take a look at what the mass-market stores have to offer if you’re looking to buy a few pairs of colorful sandals that you can wear with floral dresses or shop the iconic black leather sandals from Maison Margiela for a pair of shoes that will last you forever. For the colder times of the year, some sleek black leather square-toe boots are sure to become your go-to footwear.

Traditional scarves

From thick and colorful wool scarves that can protect you from any weather to thin and delicate cashmere pieces that can accentuate your femininity, scarves are one of the biggest trends of this year. The ones with traditional motifs are definitely the top-rated accessories for spring and autumn seasons, be it the Russian shawls, African Duka headwraps, or Irish scarves with Celtic patterns. The latter ones have grown in popularity over recent years, thanks to their distinctive designs that represent a wish for health and wealth and look especially good when worn as a focal element of your outfit and are decorated with a scarf ring. Check out this website to find the Celtic scarf that will be perfect for you and your outfits for 2023.

Chunky sunglasses

One of the few accessories that are not only fashionable but also highly useful for your health, this year the chunky sunglasses are back and better than ever. These shades can protect your vision and eye area from developing wrinkles while also complementing your style and making your personal style and complexion. These accessories are sure to make your outfit look more edgy and stylish, especially if you’re going for a colorful pair, for example, one with red lenses or red frames. Vivid sunglasses are perfect for those who don’t feel confident enough to wear colorful outfits but would still like to add a dash of brightness to their looks. The classic black chunky sunglasses, however, are also not to be overlooked, as they provide the ideal final touch to your elegant and feminine ensembles and can look great when combined with a total black look, gold jewelry, and red lips; this way, you will look exactly like a femme fatale.