Best Project Management Software For Your Teams

Working from home has become a standard for many industries in recent years and while it’s easy enough to delegate tasks via email or another chat application, it can be difficult to manage tasks that have more than one employee working on.

Having people work together to achieve a shared goal can be difficult to monitor and provide guidance on without the right software to help. In the below, we discuss some of the best project management software that allows seamless teamwork and interaction to save time and money in achieving your goals. Having teams split apart and working from home does not have to be a hindrance with the right software involved.


Trello works on a Kanban-type of structure with a fantastic card workflow system. Trello may be the most intuitive and easy-to-learn project management and group coordination software available. Easy to layout and your teams will be able to use Trello to the most in almost no time.

Another strength of Trello is its cross-platform capability with an all-encompassing web version available where there is no desktop client available, like in a Linux-based operating system. Trello does have a free version available, but this should be reserved more for private use or testing.

The free version heavily restricts use in the form of “power-ups” being limited and features like deadlines and time tracking are considered ‘power-ups”. The paid version is well in line with the cost of similar applications. All in, Trello is light and flexible, but far from the most powerful of this style of software.


Basecamp can be referred to as more of a collaboration online portal than a direct project management application. Basecamp focuses more on the teams and communication between teams than the finer details of a particular project. This can work great as an overarching structure when overseeing the collaboration between multiple teams but is lacking on the finer scale of direct project management.

Think of Basecamp as more tailored to track the team rather than the project the team is working on. For example, it’s fantastic when coordinating between sales teams and marketing teams, but less than ideal when managing an actual construction or programming project where input is needed from multiple teams. Basecamp is an incredible tool for a specific type of workflow, it is not tailored to every workflow like other software. Like Black Lotus casino, it’s cutting-edge, but it fulfills a specific purpose.

Microsoft Teams

When it comes to MS Teams, integration is key. To successfully use MS Teams as software to manage teams and projects together fully, an MS 365 account would be recommended. It provides seamless integration to the MS Projects software, which will be key to coordination success. All the key features found in other project management software can be easily integrated into teams, along with group video conferences and VoIP capability.

If your business or organization is currently making use of Microsoft software for your workflow, it will be difficult to find a better software for collaboration and project management than what is available from the Microsoft suit. Unless you are looking for an extremely specific use case with dedicated software, MS Teams will be able to fill all of your needs.