Did Dick Turpin do what they said he did?

One of the most notorious highwaymen on the highways and byways of Britain was Dick Turpin. Turpin was one of a breed of new criminals who had figured out that one of the best ways to make a quick guinea or two was to rob stagecoaches. It had the potential to be a perfect crime. If timed right the coach would be in the middle of nowhere and far from help. Not only was there the post on top of the coach to purloin and the luggage to rifle through but the passengers inside were generally rich as well. You had to be well off to ride in coach or maybe even own one. So, if the tv and books are to be believed, The Highwayman would be waiting on a windswept moor or dense wood ready to come out of the shadows and shout “Stand!”.

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If they’d had the option, you can bet that the people looking to ship the goods via a Same Day Courier Reading-based company UKTDL to do it rather than a bumpy, dangerous horse-drawn carriage. The punishments that were meted out to the highwaymen were severe. Deportation was one option. Doing it too many times and death was not uncommon.

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Turpin’s exploits were legendary. One of the most far-fetched was that he committed a crime near London and, so as to have an alibi, he rode, on the same horse Black Bess, the 200 or so miles back to York overnight nonstop. This was so that he could keep an appointment with the City’s Mayor. It has been proven that there is no way that a horse can do that without stopping.

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