Most popular and beloved Irish artists and songs

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert,” said the famous American author Pat Conroy. Indeed, what would our day to day life look like without that song that we play to comfort ourselves when we’re sad, that one song that reminds us of our first love or that song that we like to dance and sing to during your favorite celebration? What would a St. Patrick’s Day celebration look like without people’s favorite songs to sing and dance to? Irish people love their music in general, not only on St Patrick’s Day, and people all over the world also love listening to Irish music. We’ve compiled a list of beloved Irish songs and singers for Irish music enthusiasts or for those who wonder if that one catchy song that they heard on the radio might be from an Irish artist.

1.The Dubliners

This Irish folk band has been around for over 50 years. They are credited with popularising Irish folk music in Europe and influencing many generations of Irish bands. They’re most known for their unique interpretations of popular Irish folk ballads. You’ve probably heard their version of Molly Malone, which is a quintessential Irish folk song. You must’ve also heard their version of The Wild Rover somewhere in an Irish pub because it’s a popular drinking song. Whiskey In The Jar, an old war song it’s one of their most popular songs that people all over the world will probably recognize.

2.Luke Kelly

Luke Kelly is one of the most iconic Irish folk singers of all time. His unique interpretation of Raglan Road, a song which was put to the words of Patrick Kavanagh’s poem, pulls at people’s heartstrings to this very day. The Night Visiting Song, featuring The Dubliners, is the last song that he sang on stage and it’s very easy to learn to play.

3.Sinéad O’Connor

No doubt you know her most famous song Nothing Compares to U. This arrangement of a Prince’s song brought her worldwide fame and made her one of the most popular Irish singer-songwriter. For those who are passionate about instrumental traditional music, you can listen to Dean Crouch’s Reel 1, Heavy Jig, or Light Jig. You can also listen to Sean Softley’sReels (113) or Open Slip Jigs. These songs are especially appreciated and used by Irish dancers for their performance. Listening to these instrumentals, you can almost hear the sound of Irish dance shoes hitting the ground rhythmically. A great range of Irish dance shoes for beginners and advanced dancers can be found online here

You might also want to check out Beginner’s Treble Jig 92 by Ellery Klein & Ryan Lacey for a unique Irish dance music experience.

4.The Cranberries

The Cranberries rose to worldwide fame during the 90’s thanks to their unique alternative sound and the iconic, easily recognizable voice of their lead singer. Their hit songs Linger and Zombie are still favorites on Halloween and St Patrick’s Day playlists.


Enya is one of the world’s top-earning female artists. It is impossible not to recognize her ethereal mezzo-soprano vocal range which has won the hearts of many people all around the world. Her music incorporates elements of new age, Celtic, classical, church, and folk music, which makes it so uniquely appealing.